We had a good run…

By Rouen
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UPDATED for 2020!We are back in business … HGCX Discord … it’s like the old forums, but modern!

UPDATE! Gathering 2018

Indeed we did.  After many years and many restarts of the forums, it’s finally done.  The spam bots finally took over and I’m tired of deleting users and random posts with no other activity going on.  So R.I.P. forums, you had a good run from 2001-2012.

Lots of friends and some life long friendships were forged along the way with lots of great conversations (and plenty of wars!) about gaming, music and movies.  We even spawned four ‘official’ Gatherings – the first will always be the classic ‘tell your kids about it’ – and have had many micro ones in the years since.

Perhaps when I get the energy, I’ll open this up as some kind of archive site and post some old screenshots and Gathering pics.  We’ll see what happens.

In the meantime, special shout outs to Necksnappa, VG, Cloud, Aeroprism, Dias, Klown, Neto, Vahr (RIP), Somnific, PSO, Swirly and countless others for their dedication and most of all providing hours & hours and thousands of posts & threads of pure entertainment!  Long live the Spamigos!

Rouen, Necksnappa, Cloud, L4rry and Special K

Here’s to good times and lifelong friends! ~ Rouen, Necksnappa, Cloud, L4rry & Special K

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